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Roselabs Bioscience Ltd. (RBL) is a group venture of Roselabs group.

Roselabs Bio-Sciences Limited is our latest group venture completely dedicated to the development of innovative parenteral drug delivery systems. Established in 2009, RBL is a one-of-its-kind project with modern and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. RBL excels in:

  1. Manufacturing empty glass pre-fillable syringes
  2. Formulating glass as well as plastic pre-filled syringes

With a production capacity of 1,50,000 syringes per day, RBL is all set to be a global leader in its field of specialization, i.e., formulation and manufacture of exclusive pre filled syringes that meet all quality standards.

At RBL, we adhere to strict norms and certifications. The manufacturing facility complies with the all international regulations of US FDA, MHRA, and WHO GENEVA, etc.

With a vision to conquer new horizons of excellence, RBL’s strength lies in its use of top quality equipment and its experienced professionals. The entire manufacturing process is automated to guarantee zero contamination. From the loading of glass tubes to obtaining the final formulated syringe, there is absolutely no human intervention at any level.

At RBL, we believe in delivering the best, and nothing but the best! We make use of world class lab equipment, superior processing machines, cleanrooms, air handling systems and the best laboratory practices. With aid of our in house R & D facility, we select the best raw materials and components for the syringes to ensure quality par excellence.

If you are looking for an integrated solution to your entire parenteral drug delivery needs, your search ends at RBL.